Monday, October 6, 2008

Revelation (Private) by: Kate Brian

Total: Four stars

(Minor spoilers for earlier books in the series)

(Summary from Amazon)

The biggest mystery of all...and Reed is dying to learn the truth.

Two months after Cheyenne Martin was found dead in her Billings House dorm room, exclusive Easton Academy is rocked by another stunning revelation: Cheyenne was murdered. No one knows who the killer is, but everyone agrees that Reed Brennan, who took over Cheyenne's role as Billings's president, gained the most from her death. Once the most powerful girl on campus, Reed is now powerless to stop her classmates' accusing whispers. Rumours begin to swirl that she killed Cheyenne.

And just like that, Reed is kicked out of Billings.

She's lost everything -- her friends, her home, her boyfriend -- and Reed knows the only way to get it all back is to figure out who really murdered Cheyenne. And she has to do it fast because the killer is still out there. The more Reed investigates, the more she uncovers. And as any Billings Girl knows...secrets can be deadly

After eight books in the bestselling Private series, Kate Brian is still going strong. Reed is still as relatable as she was in the first book and it's interesting to see her back on the outside looking in again.

I should note that, in no way, shape or form, does Revelation work as a stand-alone. It's simply too difficult to keep track of Reed's many problems if you haven't, at least, read the last couple books.

Many of Billings' secrets and revealed and the ending is one you won't want to miss. Even if it gets tedious at times, the final chapters are worth holding out for.


Alea said...

I recently picked up the first book in this series, thought it would be fun to try. The covers are sort of interesting but also sort of creepy. I like books that take place in boarding school though!

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