Friday, August 22, 2008

Ambition by: Kate Brian

Total: Three stars.

Just when Reed Brennan seems to have finally settled into her position as the president of the exclusive girls’ dorm, Billings, on the soil of the even more exclusive private boarding school, Easton Academy, a few wrong decisions send her reeling and wishing she could go back in time.

The seventh novel in the ‘Private’ series opens with the spoiled Billings Girls afraid of losing their one true home. That’s right - their dorm.

This instalment in the popular mystery/drama/romance series won’t let down any of the die-hard fans or even those who’ve only picked up a couple of the books. It definitely doesn’t work as a stand-alone because Reed spends much of the novel fretting and pouting about past relationships - most notably her ex-boyfriend, Josh Hollis.

It's worth mentioning that out of the blue Reed is getting hit on and asked out in every chapter. At first it's kind of funny, but her inner dialogue only seems to point out their flaws and lust after other guys. I was reminded of Bella in Twilight and all her would-be suitors. It was near impossible for me to feel any sympathy for the girl when she actually thought this about another guy while on a date with someone who was described (by her, no less) as a "gorgeous Italian maybe-prince":

Why haven't you called? What the hell happened that night? Why did you get back together with Noelle? When? And why do you have to be So. Effing. Hot?

Everyone who would like to read this book - which is written in an interesting first-person that is welcomingly bare when it comes to label name-dropping - should at least pick up the preceding story, Legacy, beforehand. It's heavier on character development and explains Reed’s actions and thoughts better.

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I just can't wait to read this book!!