Friday, September 26, 2008

Never Play Leapfrog With A Unicorn by: F.W. Bosworth

Total: Three (and 1/2) stars.

Special thanks to Frank for this book!

"When I was born, my dad was short and black." This is how the book begins. If I'm not at least 'intrigued' when I finish the first page of a book, it's usually a bad review for me. With NPLwaU (God, that's a mouthful) I was split right down the centre. Although I must say, the beginning definitely gave me a "chuckle" or two. ;)

Bosworth spins an elaborate tale of the kind of childhood the Cleavers wouldn't understand. While 'Unicorn' could be read as a straight up-and-down memoir, I would err on the side of humour based-on-a-true-story fiction.

Some jokes are laugh-out-loud funny while others will take readers a few moments to set in. I was slightly confused at first - what was the comedy, and what the drama?

Although not YA in particular, kids (like me) who grew up in a conventional if not idyllic home with benefit from learning about the sunnier - or, um, dirt-covered - side of life.

Told in with tongue firmly in cheek humour, F.W. Bosworth's book (originally published on a fiction website) segues into a new century of the literature experience.

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