Saturday, September 20, 2008

Keeping The Moon by: Sarah Dessen

Total: Four and a half stars.

Truly, the only thing keeping this from earning a five-star review is that it is so reminiscent of Dessen’s other works. ‘Girl who doesn’t fit in finds love’ and usually during a balmy summer.

That’s not to say that Keeping The Moon doesn’t deserve to have shrines built for it in the rooms of young adult girls across the world. Because it does.

Fifteen-year-old Nicole “Colie” Sparks can’t seem to get away from the constant torture the popular girls put her through. First it was because she was fat, now it’s because she’s been branded a “Hole In One,” (read: a slut.)

Colie’s mom, fitness guru Kiki, has shipped her off to live with quirky-cool Aunt Mira in Colby, North Carolina for the summer. During that summer, Colie meets a host of eclectic small town people (waitresses Morgan and Isabel, Mira’s teenage prodigy Norman) and discovers herself along the way.

Sometimes predictable, but mostly not, Keeping The Moon stands out in a sea of trashy, meaningless Cliques and It Girls. Although this wasn’t my favourite Sarah Dessen (This Lullaby, for sure), it sure is a contender. Every girl can find themselves in Colie. Whether an art geek or homecoming queen, we’ve all had a struggle with our identity one time or another.

I would definitely recommend this to preteens or girls in their early teens. While the story rings true for older teens/young adults as well, it’s a great story to read during middle school or the first years of high school when teens are typically struggling to be accepted by peers, parents and themselves.

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Khyrinthia said...

I liked this one a lot, but like you, This Lullaby is my favorite of the ones I've read. (Dexter <3)