Friday, September 12, 2008

Maximum Ride: School’s Out - Forever by: James Patterson

Total: Three and a half stars

Even better than it’s predecessor, The Angel Experiment, School’s Out - Forever dives deeper into the humourous and romantic aspect of life on the run. This instalment of James Patterson’s bestselling fantasy series sees the flock attending private school, meeting and greeting with the President and a fresh set of physiological problems for the flock’s winged leader, Max.

A high point of the book is the constant theme of morality. It takes the current world issues about cloning and commercialization to a whole new extreme level. The flock - a group of teens and kids who are half-birds, half-humans - was created by a group of evil scientists they refer to as whitecoats. As per usual, the flock is on the run - but who are they running from?

I liked this quite a bit more than the first novel. It seems to develop a back story to the romance between (MINOR ANGEL EXPERIMENT SPOILERS) Fang and Max a little bit more. Some other couplings are thrown in the melting pot, too. Readers will love hearing Max’s sarcastic voice back for another narration and will laugh out loud when reading about their mishaps at a private school in Virginia.

This book is written in the same blink-and-you’ll-miss-it style as the last one. The chapters are short. Really short. In fact - although I was aware this was Patterson’s well-developed style via the Alex Cross series for adults - they can sometimes be daunting to read.

All in all, School’s Out does not disappoint and may even pull new readers not yet under bossy Max’s spell - or strong n’ silent hottie Fang’s - into the whirlpool that is Maximum Ride.


Khyrinthia said...

I loooove this series, except for the fourth. The fourth was kind of bad.

Anonymous said...

Just read this book and think it deserves 6 out of 5 stars