Monday, May 19, 2008

Lust by: Robin Wasserman

Published in late 2005, Wasserman's YA series Seven Deadly Sins is nothing new on the market, but definately something to look out for. I'll admit it: I've breezed by the glossy titles (Lust; Envy; Pride; Wrath; Sloth; Gluttony; and Greed) with zingy one-liners and pretty faces looking tortured on the cover many a time. I'm not sure why, on my last jaunt to the bookstore, I decided to pick it up. Maybe because I've read her CHASING YESTERDAY series and stand-alone HACKING HARVARD and fell in love with them both.

Anyway, on to the review.

FROM THE PUBLISHER: Alpha girl Harper is used to getting what she wants, and that means Adam, Beth's all-American boytoy.

Bland, boring Beth, who Kane, the charming playah, secretly wants too.

Miranda thinks Kane is out of her league, but she wants him all the same. And then there's the new girl.

Kaia. Who only wants trouble--and he's definitely on his way.

FROM ME: Harper is the most popular girl in school, with the coolest friends, glossiest hair and best designer knockoffs.

But her teenage life is not without wanting. But it's not "what," it's "who," and his name is Adam.

Only Adam's dating pretty young thing, Beth, who's having some late-night meetings with a certain hot French teacher...

Kane shares a bond with Harper. He wants to break up the Alpha couple, too. And maybe he'll get something out of it too: Beth, that is.

She's new in town. She has the hottest body, best clothes and has been kicked out of every East Coast boarding school. Now Kaia's stuck in Grace. Bo-ring. Except Grace seems to be crawling with guys ripped from A&F ad campaign. Kaia wants one in particular. A man. The French teacher, Mr. Powell.

And lastly, Miranda. She loves Kane. The player. So she talks about him with Harper and obsesses over her weight. And yeah. That's pretty much it for the not-quite-as-pretty redhead.

Comments. SDS has so much potential to be the newest teen lit series. Only certain things and characters pull it away from the Times' Bestseller List. Namely Miranda. At the end of the novel, I remembered NOTHING about her besides her little crush on Kane. Nothing. Also, Grace is a pretty lame town (which makes up for it in lust and longing, natch), where hookups take place in dingy motels rather than the Ritz-Carlton a la Gossip Girl and fun Friday nights involve 50-year-old coyboys and nachos rather than champagne flutes with senators.

Total: Four

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