Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Twisted Sisters by: Stephanie Hale

-Warning: Contains mild spoilers for Revenge of the Homecoming Queen-Just when Aspen Brooks thought her problems were over, her college life becomes "a big fat Greek mess!"

When Aspen winds up on scholarship at State University, because of her mom's addiction to shopping, she starts to realize being the top dog at Comfort High means nothing to the thousands of students at State... Or the sororities. Harry Malone's (the Comfort detective who got her the scholarship)niece, Mitzi, also attends State and she has an in with the exclusive Zeta sorority. Except Mitzi disappeared and it's plain to see the Zeta girls have secrets beneath their monogrammed tracksuits.
Aspen makes it her mission to break into Zeta and solve the case, all while swatting off a desperate admirer and keeping Rand by her side.

The only thing that propelled my into the "H" section of my local bookstore was the amazing chemistry between Rand and Aspen in the last book. Despite their cuteness, I couldn't help...not liking Aspen. She's very drama queen-y 24/7, narcissistic, and always seems to have her own agenda for helping people, no matter how many times she insists she's doing it to help her friends.

Also I figured out the book's ending (which ties everything up quite nicely) way before I should have. Either way, I always enjoy reading Aspen's crazy adventures and Twisted Sisters didn't dissapoint. Keep your eyes peeled for Spring Breakup coming late 2008/early 2009!

Total: Four stars

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