Thursday, December 11, 2008

Review: Priviledged by Zoey Dean

Total: Two (and a half) stars

Privileged, formerly titled "How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls," but got a tuning-up when the CW picked up the pilot which tells the same story. You following? (In short, it's being targeted as a Palm Beach-set new version of uber-hit Gossip Girl.)

What story is that?

Megan Smith, fresh out of Yale and working at a tabloid rag, is living life at the bottom. Her boyfriend, James' parents loathe her lower-middle-class ways, her sister, Lily is the "toast" of the off-Broadway theatre, and her job stinks. The latter is quickly solved when Megan gets a cool firing from her icy boss.

Of course, her send-off is filled with bizarre compliments - and a new job. Megan will be tutoring the fabulous Baker twins, Sage and Rose. Their article in last month's Vanity Fair was juicy and scandalous - but not exactly signifying the makings of the next freshman class at Duke. You following? The Baker twins will be denied their ample trust fund if they don't get accepted to Duke, where they're legacies.

Enter Megan.

Behind the Grade:


Even the back of the book coolly dismisses it as a beach read. I guess that was Ms. Dean was going for? It was okay. The nasty jokes get boring after a while. As predicted, the plot follows a pre-set standard of trashy, adult romance.

Copious abuse of the f-word doesn't match the happy, shiny cover. I was quite confused. It was in the YA section of my bookstore, but Megan attempts to frost her nipples as a "birthday treat" for her boyfriend. I'm no prude, but, there are unsuspecting, Stephenie Meyer-worshipping, plucky little girls walking through those aisles. Could this have not been placed with the other Adult lit?

Actually, I'm not feeling generous today:

It was pretty crappy.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the review. book doesn't look appealing anyway.

Khy said...

Worse than the doll:

Vanessa ( said...

Yeah I kind of get where you're coming from. I watched the show for three weeks, waiting for it to get good... but it was just rich girls and reminded me of what Gossip Girl, The Clique, etc. It doesn't look good.

Gabbi said...

omfg khy.

that's not even funny.

holy shi,t!

jocelyn said...

I watched the TV show for a couple of weeks, too. AWFUL. I kept waiting for it not to suck...and it kept sucking. I can't imagine this book could be any better.

Alea said...

I got this for my sister because we watch the show. The show's ok. And this book should totally be in the adult section but I've seen it in both places.