Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Review: Hollywood Royalty by Zoey Dean

Total: Three and a half stars (3.5)


Meet the newest crop of A-Listers:

Amelie, the good girl who's struggling to shed her perfect image.

Myla and Ash, the perfect duo who seem to be headed for break-up land.

Jacob, the resident nerd who's gone from not-to-hot, but still can't break into the a-list.


Jojo, the new kid. Fresh from Sacramento, this outsider's very DNA is a backstage pass to cool: she's just discovered she's the only biological progeny of Brangelina-esque supercouple, BarBar.

Behind The Grade:

Can I just say how much more I loved this than the original series? I usually have a problem, because spin-offs aren't often as good as the originals, but HR was leaps and bounds better than The A-List.

The characters are so much more likable, the writing even seems to be quite a bit better. If there was some more plot movement, I would've given this a four. I can understand why it's so character-heavy though: it is the first in a new series, after all.

Even if you (like myself) didn't enjoy Dean's original series, I'd suggest you at least try this one.

The 'golden couple' Myla and Ash are too cute for words and even boring Amelie and Jojo were starting to grow on me by the end. Ash is definitely my favourite, although I like Jojo's story better. What kid doesn't want to find out that their real parents are the most famous, richest, gorgeous couple in the world?


Bookworm said...

I've never read the A-LIST, but I might just be more interested in this series...Is it ok to read this spin-off even if you haven't read Dean's first series?

Gabbi said...

Definitely. There are barely any mentions of the characters/plot from the first series. :D

Nina said...

I'm definitely getting this. I found The A-List quite a fun guilty-pleasure read, and it would be nice to have that again. :)

BTW found your blog when I googled Zoey Dean because I knew her new book would be out by Jan '09 but could never find it in book shops.