Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What has the world come to?

While I'm sure most (or at least some) of you have heard of the hot mess that is "reality" TV starlet, Lauren Conrad's impending foray into YA literature, I feel I must comment.

There are tons of articles published online, so if you want more details you can just Google it, but this is what I know: L.C., of Laguna Beach and The Hills fame, has signed with HarperCollins for a three-book series called L.A. Candy. Said series will chronicle the mishaps and rise-to-celebrity of a teen girl who moves to L.A. and gets swept up into reality television infamy.

Okay. Time for me to segue into a mini-rant:

I don't hate this L.C. person. I've watched a couple episode of The Hills and managed not to puke my guts out. For one reason and one reason only: It's hilarious! Come on! Her life is outlandish and ridiculous and shallow! It's also highly addictive and fun! She never seems all the serious in interviews on TV or in magazines, which I like. She's cute and young and why not have a show that's more about showcasing L.A. clubs and new outfits than anything substantial?

She doesn't claim to have some fufilling, academic lifestyle, so why pick on her? It's only for entertainment!

That being said, as much as I 'respect' her for doing so well and churning out the L.C. brand, this novel thing is ridiculous. Besides blogging, how often does Lauren write?

It's like spitting in the face of all the YA authors who've tried so hard to get where they are now.


Will you be reading her series? Why or why not?


stargirlreads said...

Idk it could be good. Lets not doubt her till we read them. Although her ratings will drop bad I'm sure if the books are a flop.

Amanda said...

I'll probably slowly back away from her future books. Just like i do with the Clique Series.

Emily said...

I don't know if this will be good or not, but I think its kind of silly that she is doing this.

The Story Siren said...

i've heard that ya authors are actually happy about this. why you ask? since LC is a "celebrity" it's more likely people that watch the show or know of her will pick up the books. in essence making the publisher money. and with that money the publisher will be able to take on writers that normally they would have been able to. so it's really a good thing. not that i'll be picking up her book(s) because personally i think she's a joke!

Khyrinthia said...

I'm definitely not reading them. I'm kind of afraid of them, actually. Even though they're not out yet.

Alea said...

I'll be interested to see where this all goes. She must be using some sort of ghostwriter.

Anonymous said...

ughh ALL FIVE STARS your blog is so underated! You deserve more attention to your kick ass reviews! I mean Steph writes reviews that give no reason why it is liked or not and it gets 50 gazillion ppl saying to her ur a bucket of awesome and whate ver else they say.

I LOVE your blog!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. I bet it probably wasn't her idea to write the books. She probably just decided to take on the task when they asked her. I'd rather read from someone you know pour their hearts into writing. I might still read her book cuz who knows she might be a hidden talent. But I don't expect anything good out of it i'm just going to prove myself right. Sorry, can you tell I hate her. I mean she seems like a nice girl, but her line is horrible and she has so many friend issues even if they are ridiculous, girls must get mad at her for some reason. she's just not someone i'd like to waste my time on.