Thursday, November 6, 2008

And everyone lived happily ever after...

Time for the highly anticipated results to "Once Upon A Time," where I gave the opening lines of several books. I'd recommend reading that post before this one, just because I explain this a little more in detail.


1. "Somewhere in the distance I heard a cell phone ringing, and I slipped in unnoticed through the side door."
Answer: The Market by J.M. Steele

2. "Right now it's seven o'clock on a Monday morning, and I'm lying on the floor of my bedroom watching the white plastic ceiling fan go around and around and around."
Answer: Leap Day by Wendy Mass

3. "'Can I please go now?' I'm staring at my mom, willing her to stop talking and acknowledge me."
Answer: Kiss & Blog by Alyson Noel

4. "This story is not mine to tell."
Answer: Hacking Harvard by: Robin Wasserman

5. "'Please tell me that's not going to be part of my birthday dinner this evening.'"
Answer: A Great and Terrible Beauty by: Libba Bray

So, did anyone guess them correctly? Would you like me to continue this feature?


thatonegirlemily said...

this was kind of hard for me, but i liked the feature!

Hope. said...


I SO knew I had read it before, I just couldn't remember from what! Thanks SO much for posting this, I'm not going to go insane anymore. :p


More soon?

Just Listen said...

Awesome feature. Love the blog.

Do you want to do a link exchange? :D

Alea said...

I didn't know any of them! Probably because i haven't read any of those books! I love this though :)

Khyrinthia said...

I knew that last one sounded familiar. I just couldn't place it. Argh. xD