Friday, August 15, 2008

Severed Ties by: Kevin Krohn

Severed Ties is the story of a typical college girl, Nyne Harper. On the surface, her problems seem superficial: dating, constantly arguing with her father, wanting more freedom. The kinds of things any other teenager goes through. But when you peel back the layers, a whole slew of unconventional issues appear.

Nyne is also a revenge-seeking killer. Every so often her father - a character who can only be described as "colourful" - orders a hit on another member of the Stanfield family, who were responsible for killing Nyne's mother so many years ago.

Despite some minor grammatical errors scattered throughout, Krohn's obvious penchant for storytelling manages to triumph. Although I'm not very familiar with the mystery/adventure genre (particularly without YA), the twists that come in the end came as a total shock. The last chapters are where the book really shines* and they make up for the middle being a little slow.

I'm definitely checking out the next installment in this nonstop thrill ride of a series.

Total: Three and a half stars.

*I made the mistake of using the oven while reading this and completely forgot about it! Don't worry! There were no firemen involved - just some burnt pizza.


Lenore said...

Hehehe - no pizzas were harmed by the reading of this book!

Kevin Krohn said...

Looks like I owe you a pizza! Thanks for the review.