Friday, July 11, 2008

Shopping Spree (For Books, Naturally!)

Another installment of everyone's favourite segment... I got a whole bunch of YA books last night and decided to post them here. Everywhere I go it is just marketing, marketing, marketing for Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn. Is anyone going to one of those midnight masquerade parties? I went to something like that for the last Harry Potter book (and I'm not proud to admit that), I probably wouldn't go again.

1.Ambition (A Private Novel) by: Kate Brian
2.Boy Heaven by: Laura Kasichke
3.Criminal Minds: Killer Profile by: Max Allan Collins
4.Looking for Alaska by: John Green
5.Now You See Her by: Jacquelyn Mitchard
6.The Summer of Naked Swim Parties by: Jessica Anya Blau


Anonymous said...

SUMMER OF NAKED SWIM PARTIES--HOORAY! New York Mag. picked it as a best summer read!

Gabrielle said...

I have given up on Kate Brian's "Private" series. I loved the first one-- it had more intelligence than a lot of series-- but the last couple are so soapy and salacious and not worth it. :( Let me know if she somehow changes all that.

Alea said...

I am totally going to one of those parties for Breaking Dawn. Not sure I would participate in any of the activities but I'm proud to say I'm going. I went I think 2 times for Harry Potter. There's something so great about the collective experience when everyone is so very excited about the same thing.

I want to read Looking for Alaska, hope it's good!

Carol said...

Sure I wanna do a link exchange.I'm adding you right now! :)