Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Shopping Spree (For Books, Naturally)

Lately, I've been trying to make the leap from YA to adult (although I still love my YA!) and while I was running errands, I found some well-priced books that I decided to get.

1. Bones to Ashes by: Kathy Reichs (I love the TV show, Bones, but apparently I started in the middle of the series rather than with the first one!)
2. Perfect Match by: Jodi Picoult
3. Stolen Innocence: My Story of Growing Up in a Polygamous Sect, Becoming a Teenage Bride and Breaking Free of Warren Jeffs by: Elissa Wall and Lisa Pulitzer
4. How to be Single: A Novel by: Liz Tuccillo

1 comment:

Alea said...

How to be Single looks really interesting. I just love the cover as well :)