Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shopping Spree (For Books, Naturally)

Time for another installment of "Shopping Spree!"

1. (A pre-signed copy of!) Wake by: Lisa McCann
2. Peaches by: Jodi Lynn Anderson
3. Peeps by: Scott Westerfeld*
4. Dead Connection by: Charlie Price
5. Gossip Girl, The Carlyles by: Cecily von Ziegesar('s ghost writer)

*I adored his Uglies trilogy. Didn't read Extras, though. Was it any good?

Did you buy any good books recently? Do you want to?


Lenore said...

I just bought The Willoughbys by Lois Lowry, read it and reviewed it already on my blog.

I am actually not supposed to be buying any new books right now, but my wishlist just keeps growing.

I also loved the Uglies series, but I haven't heard good things about Uglies. I'd like to get another Westerfeld, so maybe I should get Peeps next.

alexgirl said...

I love Scott Westerfeld. So far I've only read Uglies, but I just bought Pretties and Specials and am about to devour them!!!

Liviania said...

Peeps is my favorite of Scott Westerfield's books.

I haven't bought anything recently because I'm waiting for vacation. The BX has books automatically 25% off and tax free.

Hope. said...

Wake is amazing.I can't wait for Fade to come out next year!

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