Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blue Bloods by: Melissa de la Cruz

Private school sucks.

And for the elite inner circle of Blue Bloods at Duchesne School, they mean that literally.

Schuyler Van Alen has always been on the fringe. On the fringe of wealth — she lives in a once-great penthouse with her ice queen of a grandmother, Cordelia, loyal bloodhound Beauty and maid, Hattie. On the fringe of popularity — Schuyler's blue-black hair, porcelain skin, pert nose and blue eyes attract attention, but not as Chic magazine thinks it should.

And then there are the undeniably fabulous Force twins - Mimi and Jack, who rule the school side-by-side with iron, Gucci-clad fists.

It isn't until Schuyler's blue marks start appearing that she realizes she's just like Mimi and Jack. A Blue Blood. A vampire. A blood-sucker. A monster.

Total: Three and 3/4.

Vampire romances are getting seriously overrated. Seriously. I picked this up long before I laid eyes on Twilight and, if it's even possible, I'm more hooked on de la Cruz's naughty tale of sexy city vamps than of Meyer's quirky interpretation of small-town "vegetarians." Melissa de la Cruz paints an interesting tale — when paired with her unique talent for describing clothes, places and characters — of a young girl searching for herself. Also, the fact that she definitely knows her way around New York City only adds to the fun that is Blue Bloods.

Then, Why have you given it only a three and 3/4, Gabbi? Because, as I look back at this blog post, I realize that I have only talked about Schuyler pretty much and neglected the other main characters that make up this book. I love Mimi's world, too, with all its seduction and deceit. I just wish that, besides Schuyler (whose name I recently learned — stupid me — is pronounced sky-ler), they were more three dimensional.

As I took in their tales of love and fitting in, I found myself rooting for Schuyler and booing at Mimi and Bliss (Llewyn; probably spelled that last name wrong; forgive me, Melissa!) and Jack and pretty much everyone else.

I can't help wondering... If this book had been written in Sky's first-person rather than a whole load of people's third-person, would I be more attached to the characters??

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Tasha said...

I loved this book and cannot wait to read the next one.